How to get free hot water

Who wouldn’t want free hot water, especially with soaring gas prices.  Well if you have solar panels and an immersion heater you can harness your excess solar energy with the help of a solar diverter and store it as hot water.

Solar iBoost

Solar iBoost+ kit and recently installed example in a typical airing cupboard

How do they work?

The solar iBoost detects when you produce more solar energy than you need and diverts it to your hot water tank, so depending on your set up you could be getting free hot water for most of the year and save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills.

How much do they cost?

If you have solar and an immersion heater the cost is minimal and the repayment time could be as little as 12 months so it’s a no-brainer in our opinion, especially if gas prices continue going through the roof (pun intended).

Call us for a free quote and you could be enjoying hot showers powered by the sun!

Published on October 12, 2021
Posted by Jaime


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