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Solar panels
Solar panels

East and West facing arrays ensure even power generation throughout the day

Another successful solar, battery and EV charger install completed for an eco-minded customer in Peterborough, and we’re sure they’ll be more than happy with the result.

With a 6.1kW array, a 5.8kWh battery and a Zappi car charger they will see significantly reduced electricity bills from day one, as well as free fuel for their EV for much of the year, so they’ll be saving the environment and saving money for years to come.

Their property is East/West facing so we installed a split array with seven 385W panels on the East-facing aspect and nine on the West, in order to give steady production throughout the day with a bias on evening output to maximise the use of the battery.

Solar battery

Inverter and battery in the garage

The system comes with a free smartphone app to monitor output from anywhere in the world, so they can see exactly how much energy they have to play with at any time during the day and night.

We also installed a Zappi charger that will work seamlessly with their solar array to divert any excess power into their EV, so for much of the year they’ll be able to fill up on solar power!

Published on September 27, 2021
Posted by Jaime


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