Solar, battery and Zappi

Not only was the weather glorious for this install but the customer had a 3.5kW solar array alongside a 4.5kWh battery and Zappi charger for their BMW i3 electric car, and can now charge their EV from their PV for free…vee.

During the summer months they’ll be able to save enough energy in their battery to power their house and have enough left to charge their car during the day, meaning their bills for much of the year will be an absolute minimum. This is what the customer had to say…

“The great lads from Genr8energy installed 10 PV solar panels for me and it immediately reduced my energy bill by 95%. Plus I have the battery tucked away in my garage so I can use solar energy after sunset. They’re also fitting a fast charging Zappi EV charger for me so my new car will be run by the sun. With no road tax to pay I’ll be quids in.”

This was the end result…


Published on June 7, 2020
Posted by Jaime


  1. Chris Benson

    Average price for solar panel installation. Around Corby please


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