Maximum Coverage

This install near Kettering has been turning heads since it was completed in September, as the final result means the roof is almost entirely occupied by solar panels. Having decided to go all electric with their energy the customer realised they could use the space on their roof to generate as much of their own power as possible and reduce their bills significantly. The result was just over 8kW of solar PV goodness covering around 90% of the area on the front roof, and it’s attracted quite a few compliments from passers-by as the flush-fit panels blend in perfectly with the welsh slate, giving the house a very modern and clean look that’s still in keeping with the original feel of the building.

In addition they opted for a 5.22kWh battery to store some of the power generated from the panels, as well as to store cheap rate power during the winter and use the battery to keep the house running at minimal cost. In the summer this system should produce considerably more energy than they need, and so they’ll be able to claim the Smart Export Guarantee (feed-in tariff) and get paid so should end up in credit with their supplier, further off-setting their bills in winter and saving them even more, so it’s a win-win…win.

Published on November 14, 2023
Posted by Jaime


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