Fast charging with style

These new 22kW Zappi fast chargers are helping this welding company usher in a new fleet of electric cars, and dramatically reduce their charge times from 30 hours to less than 3!

Zappi chargers allow you to charge exclusively from renewables, so if they decide to add solar or wind generation they can potentially charge their EVs for free and run the entire fleet on sunshine!

Zappis are the perfect choice for any home or business as they work with your existing supply to ensure you charge at the optimum speed without going over your supply limit. This feature was particularly useful here as the business already had a potentially high power demand, so these chargers ensure they will stay safely within their limit at all times.

These chargers also qualify for the government OLEV grant scheme, meaning you can claim cash towards any install. If you want to know more about Zappi chargers take a look at our EV Charging page or contact us for more information.

Published on December 7, 2020
Posted by Jaime


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