Aiming to go off-grid
Solar system

This customer was very keen to minimise their reliance on grid energy and wanted to install as much PV power as possible on their roof. Because of the limitations of connecting solar PV to certain parts of the grid we could only fit 5.5kW of generation at this stage, but going forward we should be able to add more generation using the Export Limitation Scheme.

In addition to the 14 solar panels we also added battery storage, a Zappi car charger and supplied a Solar iBoost to make the most of their power generation. We put more panels on the front aspect because it’s more south-facing and will collect slightly more power throughout the year, but having panels on both sides will give a more even power curve during the day.

Hopefully we’ll be able to return and add more generation and storage to make this property as self-reliant as possible and give the grid the heave-ho.

Published on January 10, 2022
Posted by Jaime


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